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Help The Planet


Not only does going organic have so many benefits for our skin and overall health, but it helps the planet too!

The use of synthetic chemicals from non-organic farms has led to a decline in our pollinators such as bumblebees. These are an essential part of our ecosystem as they pollinate over a third of the foods that we eat! Switching to organic produce means that toxic chemicals are kept away from our wildlife, and a focus is instead put on high nutrient soil which is much better and safer for creating habitats!

Another great way that going organic helps our planet is by helping to fight climate change. As it is a lot more energy efficient, organic farming has a much lower carbon footprint than its non-organic alternative. 


Going organic doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, there are lots of simple swaps that you can make to start living more organically!

You could also try eating more organic vegetables or fruit in your diet. Making the switch to organic foods doesn't have to be super expensive or difficult, there are lots of options out there to help you - from growing your own to supporting small, local businesses such as farms or vegetable boxes delivered straight to your door! 

So, going organic holds a whole host of benefits for both our skin and our health, so try making simple changes towards a more organic lifestyle - even small steps make a big difference.


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